Countrywide Drains offers Cork pressure testing to test the water pressure of your drains and pipes in domestic or commercial properties.

Pressure Testing

Before buying a property, one of the most important things to check in a pre-purchase survey is the quality of the pipes and drains available in the property. If you purchase a property without checking the quality of its water systems, you could be in for a grim surprise and a lot of expenses if the piping system is not up to scratch. Countywide Drains Ltd provides water pressure testing, otherwise known as hydrostatic testing, to test the quality, integrity, and water pressure of your building’s drains and pipes. Our professional pressure testing services are available for people planning on purchasing properties and also for customers who want to test their existing drain and pipelines. Our hydrostatic testing services are high-quality, professional and reliable, clearly outlining any problems or faults in your water system.

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How is a Hydrostatic Pressure Test Carried Out?

The team at Countywide Drains Ltd are highly experienced when it comes to carrying out hydrostatic pressure tests on new and old builds. To do this, we fill the drain or pipe being tested with water or another liquid, before applying pressure to study whether the drain or pipe holds the water or not. Using this method, we can see where the drain faults are located and can work to find a solution to fixing any faults, leaks or cracks detected.

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Pressure Testing FAQ