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Septic Tank Cleaning

At Countywide Drains Ltd we specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of all types of septic tanks and bio-treatment units. Regularly cleaning your septic tank is vital to ensure the health, safety, and functionality of your drain cleaning all year round. We cover all of Cork, Kerry, Munster and beyond and can also advise on the best ways to prolong the life of your septic tank. As well as providing full septic tank cleaning services and bio-treatment unit cleaning services, we offer drain cleaning unblocking, drain CCTV surveys, bio-treatment unit services, and more. We have a fleet of trucks in varying sizes able to meet the needs of all our customers, whatever their requirements are. We also operate a 24-hour service in case of emergencies.

For fast and efficient Septic Tank and Drain Cleaning services contact Countywide Drains Ltd. We operate a 24-hour service in case of emergencies.

Mobile Sludge De-Watering

Our AVC sludge treatment and dewatering system has been used to effectively dewater sludge from septic tanks, grease traps, wastewater treatment plants and various types of industrial sludge. Sludge can negatively effect the functionality of your septic tank or bio-treatment unit, which is why it is so important to regularly de-sludge and clean your septic tank. Alongside our septic tank cleaning services, Countywide Drains offers professional drain CCTV Surveys and Sludge removing services for all kinds of septic tanks and treatment units.

Septic Tank Emptying

Alongside our standard septic tank cleaning services, Countywide Drains Ltd provides professional septic tank emptying suitable for overflowing septic tanks as well as for a general septic tank maintenance service. With a team of experienced staff using advanced and modern machinery, we provide full septic tank emptying services for all types of septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems.
Our septic tank emptying services are suitable for domestic and commercial clients, with value for money and quick-callouts guaranteed.

CCTV Drain Survey Services

One of the safest and most efficient ways of finding and repairing an issue with your septic tank is by allowing a professional to conduct a CCTV drain survey. Drain CCTV surveys work by using a specialist piece of video equipment inserted directly into a drain to identify the exact location and cause of the issue, ensuring repair work can be completed in an accurate and reliable manner. As a minimally invasive but highly reliable service, drain CCTV surveys can help streamline your drain repairs and cleaning to ensure a reliable, long-lasting, and efficient service.

WWTP Sludge:

Primary Sludge

Biological Sludge

Digested Sludge

Countywide Drains Ltd provides an efficient, affordable septic tank cleaning service to our domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Call us for a quote.

Bio-treatment Plants

Countywide Drains Ltd also provides bio-treatment units. 

Features include:
☑ Irish Agreement Certified
☑ Lowest lifetime running costs with extended de-sludge periods
☑ Irish Made
☑ Single septic tank unit delivered direct to site
☑ Easy, below ground installation minimises visual impact
☑ Low profile cover specifically designed to blend with surroundings
☑ Generous access for maintenance
☑ Efficient air blower is quiet in operation and ensures low running and maintenance costs
☑ No moving mechanical parts or components within the plant
☑ Hydraulic surge control
☑ Low cost after sale service

Septic tank inspections - EPA Ireland - Maintaining domestic waste water treatment systems

Keeping your septic tank or other domestic waste water treatment system regularly maintained is a must for its optimal functionality. Here at Countywide Drains Ltd, we offer professional septic tank inspections as regulated by EPA Ireland, ensuring that your wastewater system is working well and kept safe all year round. For a quote or more information, simply get in touch with the Countywide Drains Ltd team today who would be happy to help.

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Septic Tank Cleaning FAQ