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Pipe Relining & Drain Rehabilitation

Pipe Relining is a fantastic service to help maintain the quality and funcitonality of pipes on your property. At Countywide Drains Ltd we provide Cork pipe relining use a "cured in place pipe" renovation process as this eliminates the need for excavations, which tend to be costly and are generally more disruptive. This process consists of using a polyurethane coated felt tube, impregnated with an ambient cure polyester resin and catalyst system. We then use water or air to install the liner inside the old pipe where curing takes place within a few hours. What results is a new pipe formed inside of our old pipe which provides a smooth, corrosion resistant and structural lining that significantly increases the life of the original pipe. Our pipe relining service is an efficient and cost effective way of extending the life of your existing pipes. If you have any queries regarding our pipe relining service, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Top Hat and Patch Repairs

We use a top hat repair system in order to seal lateral connections which are damaged, leaking or taking in surface water. This is similar to the localised patch repair where a length of lining material is filled with resin. We install the lining over the defective section of the drain and then hold it under pressure until it is cured hard. Our patch repair system is a great way to halt water infiltration through leaking joints or damaged sections of pipe. Lateral or side connections can be subsequently reopened with our own lateral connection cutting robot. For more information on our top hat and patch repairs, get in contact with us.

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