How to Prevent Blocked Drains in Any Property

Realising that a drain on your property is blocked is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Characterised by a disgusting smell, outdoor flooding, sinks that won’t drain, and toilets that won’t flush, having a blocked drain on your property is massively frustrating and stressful, inhibiting a number of other systems in your home. While unblocking a clogged drain can be quick and easy with the help of a professional, prevention is always better than cure! Here, the team at Countywide Drains in Cork & Limerick will explain the best ways to safeguard your drains against blockages to ensure that your home remains safe, clean, and functional all year round.


Invest in Strainers for Sinks & Showers

Despite being extremely cheap, small, and easy to find in any discount store or hardware shop, sink strainers are one of the best things you can spend your money on when it comes to preventing drain blockages. Usually made of metal or mesh, sink strainers are small devices that are placed over plugholes in kitchen and bathroom sinks to collect food waste, hairs, cosmetic waste, and more. By collecting these small particles of food and personal waste items before they are flushed down the drain, you can prevent build-ups of matter that will, over time, mould together to form drain blockages. As well as helping to prevent blocked drains, sink strainers make it easier to remove debris from sinks and showers and dispose of them properly to keep your home looking and feeling cleaner.


Be Careful What You Flush Down the Toilet

Despite the warnings on labels and television advertisements, many people still dispose of items such as wet wipes and cotton pads down their toilet. Unlike toilet paper, which is made to biodegrade safely in your wastewater treatment system, wet wipes, make-up removing pads, and other sanitary items are not designed to biodegrade at the same speed, if at all. This, in turn, can cause a build-up of items that block the drain and wreak havoc on your wastewater treatment system. From septic tanks to public wastewater treatment systems, non-toilet safe items are one of the worst culprits of blocked drains across the country and have caused massive damage to drains, land, and properties across Ireland.


Invest in Regular Cleaning Services

Despite homeowners’ best efforts to prevent blocked drains, over time totally preventing any build-up of sludge and waste can be unavoidable. If your home has a private wastewater treatment system such as a septic tank, it can be beneficial to invest in regular cleaning and desludging services to ensure your system is working optimally and preventing future blockages or malfunctions. Countywide4 drains offers professional Limerick & Cork drain cleaning services for a range of properties, providing CCTV drain inspections, full sludge removal, and general drain cleaning to keep your wastewater treatment system working optimally. As well as being an excellent way of ensuring the longevity of your system, hiring annual septic tank cleaning services works out a lot cheaper in the long-run than drain unblocking and repair services.


When it Doubt, Hire the Professionals

So, you’ve tried your best to prevent blocked drains but somehow, it’s still happened. Fear not! Despite our best efforts, sometimes things out of our control such as heavy rain, drain malfunctions, and other households using the same wastewater treatment system can cause blocked drains in our home. When this happens, it’s important to hire a professional drain unblocking service to ensure safe and thorough drain unblocking services for your property. Countywide Drains offers professional Limerick & Cork drain unblocking services designed to keep your wastewater treatment system functioning properly all year round. With great prices and quick call-out times guaranteed, you can trust the team to do a great job on any drain issues you may be experiencing.


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